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Jan 2, 40 18 Phoenix metro. Aug 10, Posted Jan 17, May 1, 2, 1, East of Filthadelphia, south of Nyack.


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Posted Jan 23, Jan 10, 2, Western New York. Mar 19, Nov 25, 60 20 Boston. Feb 10, 1, 1, NW Bergen County. Sep 22, 1, Longmont. Guaranteed to deliver more fun—go blonde. So we loaded it with our favorite American hops for a bitter punch. Pairing Notes Smoked brisket Chicken-fried-steak Sharp cheddar cheese.

Light in color, but big in flavor, Neato Bandito wants you to enjoy all of your summertime activities with a punch! Play Date American Sour Ale 5. Dallas Blonde fermented to dryness with medjool dates; the earthy tea presence of the dates plays well with acidity to create an ale that is truly free-spirited and unique in character. Pairing Notes Grilled chicken Salmon Light cake. Eureka Heights Brewing Co.

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Mini Boss IPA 6. Citra and Mosaic join forces to delicately rock your face off. Pairing Notes chicken tikka masala. Wow Factor Mandarina Pilsner 5. This is a beer without a hole. Pairing Notes Beef tacos. For this beer, we used cryogenically processed Mosaic hops that are specially designed to capture all the intense aroma without imparting bitterness. The result is an extremely dynamic yet silky smooth hop showcase. Pairing Notes Red curry, hot fried chicken, shellfish.

Golden Age German-style Pilsner 4. Crisp and lively on the tongue, featuring a mild, earthy hop bouquet and superbly clean finish. Pairing Notes Preetzels, bratwurst, charcuterie, aged cheddar. Hamilton Pale American Pale Ale 4. Bright, hoppy, and crisp. A focus on late hop additions provides a lot of juicy flavor while keeping bitterness to a minimum.

Pairing Notes burgers, pizza, roast chicken, grilled vegetables. Definitely a fan favorite.

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Pairing Notes Pretzel and beer cheese. Bratwurst and sauerkraut. Pairing Notes Light dishes or pineapple and ham pizza. Medium body and German hops are sure to put this on your list of go to beers. Professional Texan Kolsh 4. Great for cutting the dust on a hot Texas afternoon. Freetail Brewing Co. Pairing Notes Paella, oysters on the half shell, manchego.

Oktoberfiesta Biere de Mars 5. Pairing Notes Smoked foods, bratwurst, Emmantaler. Pairing Notes Street tacos and salty snacks. Sounds good, right? Then we poured it over three pounds per barrel of whole Guatemalan Coffee beans, roasted by our neighbeers at The Civil Goat, and let it marinate for a week. The result??? Well, try it for yourself… Pairing Notes S'mores and Campfires. While still very drinkable, this Rye IPA still weighs in at 9. And did we mention we use nothing but Simcoe hops at every step of the process, from bittering to dry-hopping?

Pairing Notes Cornhole, lawn darts, croquet. Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops are added liberally post-boil, contributing massive citrus and tropical aromas without the traditional hop bitterness. Lager-ish Kolsch Kolsch 5.

German Hefeweizen - All Grain Beer Brewing Kit (5 Gallons)

Pairing Notes Houston Astros playoff baseball. Hints of honey, and light refreshing finish.

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  5. Heavily double dry-hopped with Simcoe cryo, Loral, and Citra. This 9. In the west coast style of big malty backbone, with big dank aromas on the nose, and insanely smooth finish. Our blonde ale finished with blueberries, and a subtle blueberry flavor that's not overpowering, but just right. Pairing Notes Grilled chicken, spicy Thai food, lemon tart.

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    This beer is made with real good hops flown in fresh from harvest. Pairing Notes Any other real good things.

    Soft mouthfeel with a lightly sweet finish full of saturating juicy hop character. Pairing Notes Grilled pineapple and anything from the Summer Phish tour. A true patio pounder Pairing Notes Patios, porches, backyards and open spaces. A soft mouthfeel and smooth finish make for a dangerously enjoyable double IPA.

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    Pairing Notes Steak on a grill on a hot summer night. Pairing Notes Bluegrass and sunset. River Beer American Lager 5. Beer flavored Beer. The finest pilsner malt and American grown corn make for a crisp and refreshing drinking experience. Pairing Notes Rivers, lakes, streams, lawnmowers, music festivals, good times. The result is a dry, effervescent saison with light hints of rustic funk and a firm tartness.

    Pairing Notes Vinyl of your choosing. And some smoked meats.