Manual International Case Studies of Dyslexia (Routledge Research in Education)

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International Case Studies of Dyslexia

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Prostaglandins Leukotr Essent Fatty Acids , 63; Riding, R. Dyslexia and Language Learning 1. Secondary Symptoms: Class Participation Problems 1.


Primary Symptoms: Language Weaknesses 1. Vocabulary Learning and Dyslexia 1. Problems with spelling 1. Other problems with studying words 1. Methods of Supporting Students with Dyslexia. Chapter 2 - Research Methods 2. Problem Statement 2.

Case Study

The Case Study Description 2. The 4th Grade Students in Class A 2. The 4th Grade Students in Class B 2. Research Questions 2. Data Collection Methods and Tools 2. Checklists 2. Checklist for the Dyslexic Students 2.

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Assessing Reading and Spelling Skills 2. Assessing Word Recognition 2. Single-Word Test 2. Non-word Spelling Test 2. Some Helpful Techniques 2. Mind Mapping. Chapter 3 — Data Presentation and Analysis 3.