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The correct illumination of an industrial or commercial space is essential to ensure the safety of your staff and means workers can carry out their roles productively.

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QUEST is an industrial and commercial lighting company with more than three decades of experience in delivering lighting solutions for a range of environments. We guarantee to deliver a high quality, efficient and tailor-made lighting system using materials that are best suited for your premises. We offer a high quality service from start to finish, drawing on our knowledge in the field.

Kabbalah: An Introduction and Illumination for the World Today (Quest Books)

We will work with you to identify your needs, assess the space you have and design a system that works for you. Our services encompass supply, installation and commissioning of your new lighting system. Your browser is out of date. Contrast and brightness controls can be turned down. Doing this will prevent over-saturation of phosphors, thereby reducing the risk of 'screen burn-in and preserving maximum sharpness and detail. This also preserves correct picture geometry and actually prolongs the life of picture tubes.

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Phospor life will also be extended for plasma panels and LCD monitors with adjustable cold-cathode fluorescent backlighting. The imported fluorescent bulbs included in our products feature rare phosphors that perform unusually well.

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  • Typical fluorescents have a prominent green spike in their spectral content. The human eye is most sensitive to green light. Those bulbs are manufactured for efficiency and perceived light output rather than color accuracy. CRI is the measurement of a light's ability to render surface colors recognizable according to a prescribed standard.

    Illumination – A concert of Persian & Turkish Spiritual Music – Spirit Quest

    The CRI of most types of light bulbs is referenced to the spectral content of a standard element heated to a certain temperature on the Kelvin scale. Illuminants rated at Kelvins and higher are referenced to natural daylight at varying times of day. This color of white light is the same as that displayed on a correctly calibrated TV set.

    Using K ambient lighting in a video viewing environment preserves accurate color perception of images on the screen. Another, even more precise, method of measuring an illuminant's color performance is called its 'Spectral Power Distribution' SPD. The SPD measurements of our bulbs are among the best in the industry. A light of this type, placed behind the TV, provides more than enough illumination in most rooms for serious viewing.

    Point the light toward the wall behind the set to produce an even glow surrounding the TV. It is commonly understood in the lighting industry that fluorescent phosphors change as they age. Our fluorescent bulbs' published, average, lifespan ratings are their maximum useable life. When ultimate color performance is the priority, these bulbs should be replaced at about their half-life.

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    Many of our customers order an extra bulb with their Ideal-Lume as a convenience, in light of this aging characteristic. The SMPTE ideal recommends that the wall behind the set be a neutral color to further preserve correct color perception. Colors classified as neutral by the Munsell Color Order System, range from white to black throughout the gray scale. Vivid colors should be avoided if they are used within the field of view of the TV screen.

    SMPTE suggests Munsell's 'Nearly-Neutrals' be used elsewhere in the viewing environment, but not within the field of view while observing the screen.

    The typical off-whites used in most homes will skew the viewer's color perception only slightly. These lighter wall colors invariably reflect so much light that most users of Ideal-Lume require some degree of dimming.

    The Quest for Inner Illumination

    A low-cost but effective method of dimming fluorescents is to use neutral-density theatrical gels, or a simple mechanical baffle, to cover the bulb. All of our models feature one or more of these methods. In the absence of a light meter, there is a simple way to judge if the light is producing the correct amount of illumination on the wall behind the set.