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The answer to life's problems can always be found within the pages of God's Word. One reason that so many people have dysfunctional lives is because they live each day without once going to God to get His wisdom from the Scriptures to face their day. When you take on your day without allowing God to give you His wisdom in the Scriptures, you are bound to find your day to become more chaotic than it should be.

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The devotionals in this book are in no way a replacement for your daily time with God in the Scriptures. However, they are a source of encouragement for the believer in gleaning an extra nugget of truth to help them to face life's hardships.

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Take a few bites from a flaky pastry, neck your boiling hot espresso three gulps maximum , pontificate about the latest corruption scandal with the barista, and be on your way. Traditionally, cappuccini are taken in the morning. Just make sure you apologise first.


One of the best things about Italian coffee is that, no matter where you are — an obscure mountain village or a cheek-by-jowl Rome piazza — the quality is consistent. As much as Italians like their pasta al dente, they like their coffee to have a heavily roasted, bittersweet flavour with a brown foam or crema on top.

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Smooth, fruity taste notes and fancy latte art are anathemas to most Italians. Indeed, the speed that Italian baristas operate during the breakfast rush is a sight to behold. Although simple is generally best in the Italian culinary world, coffee culture allows room for a few minor variations, some of them regional. A ristretto is a short espresso with less water but equal potency.

masteitakvierau.tk A cappuccino scuro is a cappuccino made with less milk. The bicerin is a speciality of the Piedmont region, particularly Turin , and has been around for at least years. It consists of layered espresso, hot chocolate and milk and is served in a glass.

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Not dissimilar is the marocchino , another Piedmontese invention, a mix of espresso, cocoa powder and milk froth. Brendan Sainsbury. How to drink coffee like a true Italian.

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