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As we mentioned in the 3 brain facts you need to know to double your productivity , studies have shown that mental performance rapidly declines as sleep debt increases. Action step: Get our Better Sleep audio program , listen to it and find your optimal sleep time and duration. To elaborate further on managing your energy levels, in The Power of Full Engagement , the authors discuss that sleep, nutrition and exercise form the foundation of your energy levels. Anyone who has cleaned up their diet and started exercising can tell you how much better they feel.

From our own observations, these people tend to be much productive too. So eat clean, train dirty. Action step: Starting today, look for opportunities to walk more and add vegetables to your meals. One of the biggest takeaways from the book is that taking aside time for breaks is vitally important. It sounds counterintuitive but in order to consistently stay productive and perform at a high level, we need to add more breaks into our lives.

Everything in life is a cycle — there are upswings, and there are downswings. And repeat this as you go through life. They give the analogy of a marathon runner versus a sprinter. A marathon runner just goes at a steady pace, stays flat-lined, and never takes any breaks. On the other hand, the sprinter will burst into high gear, push their limits and take breaks.

When you arrive at work, you want to be engaged and get in the zone. By the time you come home you just want to relax and totally forget about work. Repeat this cycle so you recover faster and so you can produce your best work when you are switched on. Speaking of renewal, the fastest way to recoup is to take a nap. We are hardwired to take naps in the afternoon. Action step: This afternoon, set a timer for 20 minutes, lean back in your chair and doze off.

Focus on making rituals — step-by-step actions you can do over and over again so it becomes automatic. There will always be times when you let things slide.

An example is setting up your morning ritual. Action step: Set up your morning ritual for tomorrow and make a checklist. Check it off tomorrow.

Every 24 hours our bodies go through a cycle of ups and downs. Throughout the day there are times when we are very focused and at other times we have a hard time focusing. Prices and offers may vary in store. Through a step-by-step process, Agbanyim offers ways to create a sense of presence; navigate uncertainties while focusing on the big picture; perform self-inventory; face the elephant in the room and discuss challenges; and live a life of gratitude. Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:. Tell Us Where You Are:.

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Preview Your Review. Third, skipped breaks and holidays. Fourth, constant pressure. And lastly, mental and physical job stress. This stress is not all bad. To help a muscle grow, one needs to stress it beyond the regular activities.


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A rhythmic swinging between rest and stress is healthy. It starts in the body. Even if you have a sitting job, you need physical strength. This depends on eating and breathing. Both ought to be balanced. Breakfast is crucial. The most important meal of your day. It increases the blood sugar level and activates the metabolic functions. Then, comes water. By the time you feel thirsty, you have dehydrated already.

Dehydration consumes energy and strength. Hence, drink a minimum of two quarters or water every-day. Australian research made some startling revelations. People drinking only 40 ounces of water each day were less likely to die of heart diseases. In contrast, people drinking 24 ounces or less were more likely. You also require enough sleep. Also, it is better to sleep during the night. Working late in the night is terrible for the body. Plus, your work also gets hampered. The worst industrial mishaps in recent times occurred during the night. Night workers face more heart issues than day workers.

Sleep researchers claim that employees who take regular naps are more alert.

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Also, they are more efficient even without long sleep. Our bodies work on rhythms which rotate every minutes. Most of our energy recedes in the late afternoon.

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Add exercise to this rhythm because of exercise influences energy. Interval training is the most helpful. Even fast aerobic squirts of a minute followed by rest can improve energy levels.

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Do not just do cardio, work to build strength too. Emotional energy shows itself in self-discipline, empathy, self-confidence, and sociability. Negative feelings like anger, fear, sadness or frustration are poisonous. Creating positive feelings is possible. Just like it is possible to make muscles. Very few people consider their pleasures like they were vital. But, happiness is important. Nothing must meddle with it. Positive emotional energy arises when you do things you love.

But, the depth and quality of pleasure greatly matter.

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Watching TV could look relaxing. But, it is similar to eating fries — not last.

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Relations create emotional energy. Friendship is crucial. It also influences work performance. People who have one close friend at work do better. It is also one of the necessities of life. Practice empathizing and listening to others. Emotional and physical energy aid mental functioning. Physical, psychological and emotional energy coincide. Research has shown the relation between efficiency and positive thinking. The most successful salesperson has an optimistic explanatory style. Yes, thinking does take time.

Most jobs do not have time for breaks, rest or thinking. But, they must. People think their best when their mind is rested. There are five phases of creativity.