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But Voyager 1 isn't going there anytime soon, or ever. A spaceship traveling at this speed would take around 1. A spacecraft that fast could travel 39 light-years in less than years.

Mission Overview

But that concept has yet to leave the ground. While discussing the new discovery at a news conference today Feb. Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Stephen hawking dreamed up the Breakthrough Starshot initiative. Hawking helped to launch it and serves on the board of directors, but the concept was first conceived by Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner. Email Hanneke Weitering at hweitering space.

Original article on Space. Have a news tip, correction or comment? Relativity recalls Seven before she is discovered, but the travel through time kills her on return. Knowing where the bomb is located, Relativity recalls a slightly earlier version of Seven, and after explaining the scenario, send her back again, now to a point where Voyager has been pulled into the Delta Quadrant and fighting the Kazon , prior to when Seven had joined its crew.

Seven's presence is discovered by Voyager , and she is captured; Janeway recognizes her from drydock.

Future's End - Wikipedia

Seven explains the situation to Janeway, and together they locate the device, discovering that it was planted by a future version of Braxton himself. Seven is able to jump back in time to try to stop Braxton from planting the device, but he escapes to the day that Voyager would be destroyed. Seven follows, but the stress of time travel has taken its toll on her body; nevertheless, she is able to warn the Voyager crew of the problem and to apprehend Braxton.

What's Next for NASA's Voyager 2 in Interstellar Space?

The crew of the Relativity , having taken their Braxton into custody as well, pull a version of Janeway like they did with Seven, and send her back to the past at the Kazon attack, where she is able to secure Braxton before he can plant the device. The crew of Relativity pull the time traveler back to their present, re-integrating the various copies with themselves.

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It is learned that Braxton, after the events of " Future's End ", had to spend several decades of rehabilitation before being reassigned for duty, and started to blame Voyager for all the problems that he encountered as they patrolled the time streams, seeing its destruction as a means to end his suffering. Lieutenant Ducane Jay Karnes , one of Braxton's officers, sends Janeway and Seven back to their proper time streams, allowing them to retain their memories of the events but ordering them never to discuss them with anyone.

In , CBR rated the spacecraft from 29th century featured in this episode, the "Relativity", the 4th most powerful spacecraft in the Star Trek universe, noting its ability to transport people across time and space. SyFy recommend "Relativity" for their Seven of Nine binge-watching guide. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ducane Josh Clark - Lt.

go Joe Carey Tarik Ergin - Lt. Ayala uncredited [1]. Star Trek portal.

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